AIDOC - AI Doctor on the Blockchain

AIDOC uses medical data and smart doctor AI technology to provide you constant health and wellness insight. Our blockchain and advanced imaging technology enable us to build a live 3D visual of your health from vital sign readings. offering you 24-hour health analysis from a digital medical expert capable of anticipating problems and prescribing solutions. By further combining smart hardware with IoT applications we are building a full ecosystem of health services that will one day span all regions of the medical services industry.

Technology and Innovation

  • AI Super Doctor
  • The Bitdata Person
  • Life Bank
  • Life Data Mining
  • AI super doctor (AIDOC) is a combination of several high-capacity, decentralized smart medical apps, all enabling personal customization while ensuring standard performance. AIDOC’s AI model is the central nervous system connecting them. AIDOC will provide the AI blockchain protocol enabling AIDOC’s super doctor throughout the AIDOC ecosystem, ensuring standalone operating performance of distributed applications.

Technology and Innovation

  • AI Super Doctor
  • The Bitdata Person
  • Life Bank
  • Life Data Mining
  • Get real time health advice, maintain wellbeing, and identify risks to prevent disease. By combining digital medical technology with advanced data computing that constantly uploads your health data to the blockchain, AIDOC fully quantifies your physiological lifecycle data into an accurate picture of your real time health.

Technology and Innovation

  • AI Super Doctor
  • The Bitdata Person
  • Life Bank
  • Life Data Mining
  • Data generated during health monitoring provides AIDOC users with an extremely valuable resource that we put back into your hands for you to market using our platform. Your data can contribute to disease diagnosis, clinical research, and drug development, and we help you trade it for your own and the greater good. AIDOC’s LifeBank enables you to securely store and trade your health data for tokens you can trade or use to better benefit from valuable ecosystem health services.

Technology and Innovation

  • AI Super Doctor
  • The Bitdata Person
  • Life Bank
  • Life Data Mining
  • AIDOC’s vital signs records and data value are supported by life data mining. Investing early in data mining for your health with AIDOC can yield major returns as our ecosystem scales and coin values multiply.

Team members and advisers

He served in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Zurich in Switzerland for 35 years and was a part-time employee at Zollikerberg Hospital and Zurich Children's Hospital. Mainly specialized in pathological anatomy, he has rich pathological anatomy experience and is considered the backbone of the field. During this period, he cultivated a large number of experienced medical professionals and experts.

Norbert Alder


Alvin has more than 12 years of experience in health care and medical treatment. He posesses professional abilities in the fields of big data analysis, data processing, predictive analysis and real-time systems. Alvin has managed excellent data transmission teams in North America, China, Japan, and other countries. He is a MBA of Smith School of Business of Queen's University and has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University.

Alvin Zhao


Jacky Lee, the CMO of Korea, has been successfully assisted many multinational corporations to establish branches in Korea, and has participated in the establishment of a number of local community websites, newspapers and magazines, tourism companies. Mr. Lee has also been responsible for the community operations, marketing,media promotion,website planning and developing, etc. Moreover, Mr. Lee has been working as an overseas Marketing Manager for well-known orthopedic hospitals in Korea, and has rich practical experiences in the operations of Korean local markets and government public relations since 2012.

Jacky Li

AIDOC the CMO of Korea

Zujie He AIDOC Japanese Advisor A well-known documentary filmmaker, has been making documentaries for Japan's biggest broadcaster, NHK. He graduated from Tokyo international university in 2002, major in international broadcast. The documentary <i> the forefront of bitcoin</i> made in 2014 was broadcasted by NHK. It is the first digital currency documentary broadcasted by a well-known national television station. <i> The forefront of bitcoin </i> introduces the principle of bitcoin,and the application of bitcoin, focusing on the huge changes caused by bitcoin in China, Japan and the United States. Other representative works of him include <i> For the stars on Yangtze river bridge in Nanjing </i> and <i> The Chinese fishing villages on the stray road</i>.

Eric He

AIDOC Japanese Advisor

White Paper

Download our white paper to learn more about this exciting project! Inside you’ll find details on the technical developments supporting our vision for a connected life cycle health monitor, which we hope you will take the time to appreciate as the foundation for our mission.

Development plan

June 2016
Decentralized AI virtual doctor project conceived
December 2016
AIDOC project launches; Product viability confirmed
July 2017
AIDOC project white paper released
December 2017
Private financing completedPublic offering announced and one-week AIDOC Token distribution event started.
AIDOC List On Major Exchange Platforms
Launch AIDOC Dapp V0.1
Continuing AIDOC Dapp Optimization and Iteration
AIDOC has just established deep cooperation with more than ten medical institutes in Japan and South Korean, etc. , and provide medical services for AIDOC users in overseas
AIDOC Land On 20 Global Major Exchange Platforms
AIDOC Public Chain Project Initiated
Establish Human Health Data Evaluation System and Complete Bit-digital Man Function Module Design
AIDOC Dapp Beginning On-line Medical Specialists Appointment Function and Telemedicine Service
AIDOC Provide Customized Personal Health Management Service, Develop Health Nutrition Management Field
AIDOC Dapp Download Accumulated 500,000
AIDOC Dapp Bit-digital Man Function Module Launching
AIDOC Dapp Bit-digital Man Module DEMO Version Online
Complete AIDOC Public Chain Framework Design and Consensus Mechanism
AIDOC Public Chain Module, Mining Function Module Development Complete
Continuing AIDOC Dapp Optimization and Iteration
Publish AIDOC Dapp And Big-digital Man Official Version
AIDOC Dapp Launch Life Bank Function DEMO Version
Life Bank Function Module DEMO Version Test-operating and Launch Official Version After Test-operating
AIDOC Public Chain Wallet, Block Chain Browser Development Complete
Publish AIDOC Public Chain Alpha Version
Publish AIDOC Public Chain Beta Version
Initiate AI Super-doctor Ecosystem Platform Development
Launch AI Super-doctor Ecosystem Platform DEMO Version
Publish AI Super-doctor Ecosystem Platform Official Version
Introducing Multiple AI Super-doctor Dapps, Continuing AIDOC Ecosystem Development