Global partners

Basic requirements

1.Have a keen insight into the country's investment market dynamics and investor demand.

2.Have a large number of related resources in the country, and a good exchange experience with investors.

3.Have team building, project operation and cooperation promotion experience.

4.Have experience in project presentation and independent strategy formulation.

5.Have a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, medical treatment and block chain.

Global advisors

Basic duties:

1.Assist the country's global partners to actively develop the local market and team building of Tian Med AIDOC, and continuously expand the brand influence.

2.Give executability advices for long-term development of Tian Med AIDOC in local.

3.Assist the country's global partners and Tian Med AIDOC Singapore headquarters to establish the local investor community, and assist in organizing online and offline activities.

4.Have some understanding of artificial intelligence, medical treatment and block chain, and a good sense of investor service

Telegraph group leader of different language family

Job Responsibility:

1.Highly maintain the communication and interaction with the investors in the community, and maintain the operation work.

2.Timely update the market and medical project dynamics of Tian Med in the community, and create a good community environment.

3.Actively coordinate the resources allocation and the online activities issued by the Tian Med Singapore headquarters.

Job requirements:

Have enthusiasm for block chain, adapt to flexible working system, have a team spirit and actively accept challenges. Tian Med teams are looking forward to your joining!

In addition, we will also recruit technical and market talents worldwide for a long time, including:

Encryption algorithm, block chain, technical maintenance services, market expansion, community operation, customer service and other related talents!

Welcome all the people with lofty ideals to enthusiastically sign up and actively recommend!

Tian Med looks forward to working with you to create a bright future together. Let everyone have their own "Baymax" and strive for the health of all mankind!

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